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Radar detector with GPS. Detects DAHUA, MultaradarCD, MultaradarCT, GatsoRT3 and Gatso RT4, MultaradarC.DAHUA radars. Includes maximum range antenna, OLED display, motion sensor, noise sensor and brightness sensor. Effective both in the new 3D radars and with in-band radars KA (Multanova6F, Ramet, RAI, Cirano). GPS alarm included with database from all over Europe.

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528,10 €

Genevo MAX anti-radar portable radar detector. Of European manufacture and design (Czech Republic, Germany and Spain), Genevo MAX has a redesigned antenna to increase sensitivity against low emission modulated K-band radars (DAHUA, Multaradar CD, Mutaradar CT, Gatso RT3 and Gatso RT4 ). Thanks to this, the aim is to be able to capture the first available bounce, maximizing detection distances. Exclusive detection of the new DAHUA radar.
This portable radar detector offers fabulous detection distances in detecting traffic cameras without errors. This detection is complemented by a high-precision GPS warning device for those undetectable radars (section, induction, traffic light radars...).
The Genevo MAX radar detector is easily installable and concealable thanks to its small size. It is very light but at the same time robust and with a high quality finish.
Pyramidal fresnel lens that amplifies and channels the reception of microwaves from radars (fixed and camouflaged) on the shoulders and gutters (greater detection distances).
Includes minijack output. Ideal for use on motorcycles by connecting headphones or a Bluetooth transmitter.

Main features Genevo MAX:
Outer shell of modern design and high quality.
Color OLED display with visibility from any angle.
The highest sensitivity on the market against DAHUA, MultaradarCD, MultaradarCT and Gatso RT3 and RT4 radars.
The only brand capable of detecting the new and feared DAHUA radar.
Very simple, intuitive and easy to use menus.
Excellent filtering and control of false alarms.
Motion sensor, noise sensor and lighting sensor.
The most accurate GPS database in Europe totally free.
Firmware and database updates via the Internet at no cost. Upgradable from Windows and Mac operating systems.
High resistance magnetic support that allows to place the equipment horizontally or vertically (included in the package).
SmartCord power cable with USB output to charge the mobile phone. It allows to silence, turn on and turn off the detector all from the connector itself (included in the package).
Undetectable before the Police scanner (DDR Spectre)
Small size (68 x 101 x 33 mm)

Additional Information
K band MTR
Multi Radar CD
Multi-Radar CT
Gatso RT3
Gatso RT4
Wide Ka band (33.4 GHz ~ 36.0 GHz) or limited according to configuration: 4 sections
Ka1 (34.0GHz±120MHz)
Ka2 (34.3GHz±120MHz)
Ka3 (34.7GHz±120MHz)
Ka4 (35.5GHz±120MHz)
With the default configuration (Ka2 and Ka4) the frequencies of the possible miscalibrations are included.

Wide or narrow K-band
K bounded (24.125GHz ± 70MHz)
Wide K (24.125GHz ± 150MHz)
MultaradarC (K band)
GPS: SiRF STAR V (connection to GPS, Galileo, GLONASS or QZSS satellites)
Laser: 904nm

NOTE – Device not watertight, avoid contact with water.
IMPORTANT – Check beforehand if your vehicle has an athermic window.


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