Zaphir 3000 Expand

Zaphir 3000


- Advanced micro-controller 16-bit low power consumption.

- Electrochemical sensor with high reliability and accuracy.

- LCD screen.

- Simple operation by intuitive buttons.

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109,92 €

Why an electrochemical sensor?

Semiconductor sensors, generally of Sn02 type, in contact with ethanol molecules change their conductivity. This requires that these sensors operate at very high temperature, so they need to heat a circuit which causes the recovery time is quite high and the consumption by the integrated fires. Electrochemical sensors significantly improve these limitations since low temperature provide optimal response to ethanol with high selectivity and low recovery time and response.

Based on this technology the following benefits:

• The Zaphir CDP-3000 model is linear in the results with a very high level of accuracy over a wide range of measures of 0.00 and 2.00 mg / L. By contrast, with semiconductor sensor models are only accurate in measuring bounded ranges between .15 to .25 mg / L, outside this range the error margin is significantly higher.

• The Breathalyzer Zaphir CDP-3000 maintains a very low ratio derived from the typical sensor sensitivity of only 0.6% per month (similar to police breathalyzers), whereas in appliances equipped with semiconductor sensor is widely exceeds 1, 3%, requiring shorter maturities calibration, and an important advance in the stability of the sensor.

• The sensor oxidative aging is much lower in the model CDP-3000 Zaphir, allowing a shelf life 2 to 3 times that of semiconductor sensor models.

• The energy consumption of Zaphir CDP-3000 is 10 times lower, so that virtually requires no external power for operation.

• The response time for the alcohol test is 3/4 times faster, so you can perform many more tests in the same timeframe.

• In addition to the above mentioned technological improvements, the model Zaphir CDP-3000 allows the use of nozzles with non-return valve professionals that ensure optimum hygiene for users.

General characteristics:

• Advanced micro-controller 16-bit low power consumption.

• Electrochemical sensor with high reliability and accuracy.

• LCD screen.

• Simple operation by intuitive buttons.

• Intelligent detection of blowing pressure.

• Low pressure override the test.

• selection function unit of measurement and adjustment of alarm level.

• display function test log.

• Enables passive tests.

• Minimum heating time, response and quick restart.

• Nozzle with check valve for greater health and safety.

• Low energy consumption.


Technical specification:

Electrochemical sensor •

• Detection range: 0 ~ 2,000 mg / l (0 ~ 440 mg / 100 ml; 0 ~ 0.400% in blood; 0 ~ 4,000 ‰ blood; 0 ~ 4,000 g / l)

• Scale graduation: 0,001

• Maximum Heating time: 30 s

• Operating Conditions

or Temperature: 0 ° C ~ 40 ° C

or humidity: 95% RH =

• Storage conditions: -25 ° C ~ 70 ° C

• 1.8 inch LCD Screen

• Registers Memory: 10 records

• Power supply: AAA alkaline battery 1.5 V (x3)

• Dimensions: 114 mm × 66 mm × 26 mm

• Weight approx .: 100 g (without batteries)


What's in the box:

• Manual in 6 languages

• 5 mouthpieces sterilized

Device Zaphir CDP 3000


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