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The new KAZA DT390 LIVE has been equipped with the latest technology offering an exclusive TRIPLE shield , which includes function GPS radar warning , our prestigious digital antennafor radar detector RF channels and connectivity to the KAZA Community LIVE www.kazalive.com with thousands of reported daily in real time, and has more than 300,000 active users 

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409,09 €

The new KAZA 390 has also given him a new digital antenna channels 6th generation reinforced noble components of very high conductivity optimizing its sensitivity to 30% compared to previous models, also equipping our exclusive On / Off function that allows a real disconnect hardware antenna automatically or permanent. Your new flat, compact, curved screen design ensures optimum camouflage in the vehicle . 

Incorporating internet connectivity lets you interact with the user community KAZA LIVE , both to receive warnings reported within 50 Kms by other users, as reporting / issue warnings to the community about the presence of mobile radars and the sighting of the helicopter Pegasus (2 dedicated buttons for this are incorporated). It is the only alarm / detector market with a real protection system against helicopters via collaborative reports very active community against these threats.  
Another of the great advantages of internet connectivity via SIM (we recommend multi-sim ) it is that this device is automatically updated , so that with each connection, if necessary, update the permanent database as well as download the Live community announcements. Data consumption is negligible because it is only small packets of bits containing notices geo locations. This device can also operate without internet connectivity like other models KAZA if you do not have this function. 
It has been specially designed to Spain, but is also easily configurable for other European countries. 
it provides with free subscription service protection / resource fines with money back guarantee managed by MULTALIA . More details

KAZA improvements and unique features LIVE :

  • It incorporates interactive connectivity with the community KAZA LIVE , as well as automatic updates from our cloud .
  • The only alarm / detector market for real protection from helicopters Pegasus by EU warnings KAZA LIVE.
  • New digital antenna channels 6th generation type Super K and Ka with increased sensitivity to 30%
  • Activation option K band detection of new K-band radar pulsed type MULTARADAR.
  • New flat and compact format designed to enhance the reception sensitivity of the antenna and improve their invisibility.
  • Curved screen without visual refraction in any situation.
  • Includes insurance free fines for 6 months since activation (managed by Multalia ) against possible sanctions for the use of their KAZA guaranteed repayment of the monetary amount of the penalty.

Exclusive on / off function:

  • FUNCTION ON / OFF MANUAL:  The antenna can be turned on / off manually according to the laws of each country. For activation, a voice message will tell you that the ignition is your responsibility.
  • FUNCTION ON / OFF AUTO:  This includes an intelligent auto-off antenna below 20 km / h.
  • EXCLUSIVE REAL DISCONNECT THE HARDWARE:  This unique feature of KAZA, with  real disconnect the antenna hardware  without generating significant electric radiation, makes the product is virtually undetectable . 

Main Features: 
This device combines a powerful detector antenna for digital channels, Ka band bounded to 34.3 Ghz and 35.5 Ghz and warning GPS chipset with high sensitivity based on latest market data from radars. FUNCTIONS GPS:

  • Based on latest market data, with more than 8 years of experience and contributions of thousands of users, who warns: Speed cameras, variable speed fixed radars, mobile radars potential, potential radar or LIDAR LASER Autovelox undetectable controls sections speed, new radars in traffic lights, radars in tunnels, any alcohol tests, danger points, etc.)
  • DB also available for Europe through the web of downloads: www.kazaradares.com
  • Equipped with next-generation GPS and high sensitivity. It requires no external antennas.
  • Up to 4 filters alert messages: detection mode only fixed radars and dangerous points, only fixed radars and statistics undetectable LASER radar, radar fixed and statistical mobile detection mode, all alerts available (fixed, mobile, sections, tunnels , roadblocks, road black spots, etc.)
  • It has auto-limiter cruising speed.
  • Ads clear and precise voice in several languages: Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, Catalan and German.
  • It incorporates digital compass display.
  • New system update the database through your PC without drivers! Easier than ever.
  • Shows the actual speed at which the vehicle (GPS) moves.
  • Confirms the exact time.
  • Notices for relaxing driving.


  • Equipped with digital detector antenna channels with high sensitivity 6th generation y6 practically no false warnings.
  • Radars detected RF emission: In police vehicles, tunnels, variable safety camera positioning, mobile tripod, etc.
  • Unique smart learning system to filter / eliminate false alerts!
  • KA band bounded two sections to avoid false alarms (34.3 and 35.5 Ghz new).
  • New Band K optional / manual activation, bounded on a stretch to minimize false alarms (24,100 Ghz +/- 25 Mhz).
  • LASER detector 360.


  • No installation required.
  • Use easy and intuitive.
  • Easy to read display with bright for proper display both day and night light.
  • Ads by clear and precise voice.
  • The same device can be used in various vehicles.
  • Automatic reset warning message at the persistence of radar detection over long distances.


  • Supports three different clamping: Exclusive non-slip mat Dashboard, and windy with support for placing on the windscreen, and clip invisibility.
  • Practical case for storage.
  • Feeder Cable car cigarette lighter with built-in data modem.
  • User manual.


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