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Genevo PRO 2 detector. It can work as a GPS warning device, a radar detector or both simultaneously.

Detects the new radars DAHUA, MultaradarCD, MultaradarCT and Gatso RT3 and RT4, MultaradarC, MultaradarCD, DAHUA.

It detects the new 3D radars and the KA band radars.

Removable display.

GPS warning device with database from all over Europe

More details

1 318,18 €

Genevo PRO 2 is the new multifunction detector of the Genevo family. The equipment has been designed to function as a GPS warning device only, a radar detector only, or both functions simultaneously. All at the choice of the driver. Its new legality mode will allow you to use the equipment where it is prohibited to have a radar detector.


With its removable color OLED display and its latest generation Genevo HDM+ antenna with a slight redesign, it aspires to become the best installation detector on the market by 2021. Excellent detection distances and a very precise GPS warning device. The radar detector for the most demanding drivers.


During its development, special emphasis has been placed on achieving the best GPS and antenna performance, ease of use and quick and easy installation. It is made up of a control unit, detector antenna, GPS antenna, self-powered speaker and removable color OLED display.


 Genevo PRO 2 radar detector: The best choice.

Radar detector antenna with a new ultra-powerful detection algorithm that achieves incredible detection distances. It includes unrivaled false alarm filtering and a new color OLED display with gesture control, brightness sensor and ambient noise sensor to maximize comfort. In addition, free updates that allow a team to always be up to date with new radar models.



GENEVO PRO II does not interfere with Police systems. Thanks to its total undetectability against Police DDR systems and its removable magnetic display, it will not attract prying eyes by going completely unnoticed.



Different options and accessories and a removable magnetic display with color OLED technology allow you to adapt your Genevo PRO II to your needs and tastes. You have at your disposal different examples of installation of the equipment in different vehicles in the gallery of installations.



We respect the interior design of your vehicle. With a modern and elegant design, Genevo PRO 2 will be perfectly integrated in your vehicle. If you are looking for a state-of-the-art, powerful installation radar detector, the PRO 2 is the perfect anti-radar for you.



Database of all Europe. In Spain it includes the Robser Premium database. It includes fixed radars, traffic light radars (photored), section radars and possible camouflaged radars.


GPS database Genevo speed cameras Europe


 Do you need to deactivate your Genevo PRO 2 quickly? remove the display

While in some European countries the use of Genevo PRO 2 is legal, in other countries it is not. For this reason, Genevo PRO 2 has a removable color OLED display with which you can deactivate the device at any time by simply removing it from its base. To reactivate the system, reconnect the display. In addition, this action is very easy and simple since both parts are magnetized.


Installation Genevo PRO 2


 Main advantages of the Genevo PRO 2

DAHUA, MultaradarCD, MultaradarCT and Gatso radar detection.

The only brand capable of detecting the new and feared DAHUA radar.

Removable color OLED display.


Update and configuration from a USB stick.

The most user-friendly menus on the market.

New generation ultra sensitive detector antenna.

Excellent filtering of false alarms.

The most accurate database in Europe.

FREE database

Adapted for all of Europe.

Very simple installation.


Function  for the complete legalization of the device in those countries where the use of radar detection systems is prohibited. Once activated, the team will stop detecting radars and laser guns. The device will become a 100% legal GPS warning device and will only receive GPS warnings of fixed speed cameras, traffic lights and sections.


Only the real speed of the vehicle by GPS will be shown on the display together with the message “GPS WARNING” and when accessing the menu a message will appear confirming that the detection functions are disabled and are not operative.



Additional Information


K band MTR

Multi Radar CD

CT Multi Radar

Gatso RT3

Gatso RT4


Wide Ka band (33.4 GHz ~ 36.0 GHz) or limited according to configuration: 4 sections

Ka1 (34.0GHz±120MHz)

Ka2 (34.3GHz±120MHz)

Ka3 (34.7GHz±120MHz)

Ka4 (35.5GHz±120MHz)

With the default configuration (Ka2 and Ka4) the frequencies of the possible miscalibrations are included.


 Wide or narrow K-band

K1 (24.125GHz±150MHz)

Multiradar C (K band)


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