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Safety light for helmet

Whistler Whistler


Provides greater visibility, with running lights, brake lights and turn signals.
Improving the safety of the pilots.

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90,08 €

Wireless Helmet Safety LED Light by Whistler dramatically increase your visibility and riding safety with this sleek, low profile, LED light band. It attaches easily to any 3/4 or full face helmet with 3M adhesive, and communicates wirelessly with a bike mounted transmitter, to provide running, braking, and turn signal LED lighting so followingdrivers are aware of your presence and intentions. The rechargeable battery provides a full 12 hours of lighting on a single charge and you can be recharged and ready to go in only an hour with the included USB charging cable. Includes detailed instructions.


-Noticeably improves rider conspicuity

-Increases riding safety

-Light band with 8 ultra-gright LEDs displays running, brake lights, and turn signal indicators.

-Turn signals flash amber.

-Brake lights pulse twice and then stay on steady.

-Running lights can be turned off, on steady, or flsh.

-Stylish, sleek, low profile design.

-Attaches easly to 3/4 or full face helmet with 3M adhesive strips.

-Rechargeable self-contained battery delivers 12 hours of use on a single charge.

-Battery  recharges in 1 hour via included USB cable.

-Wireless operation.

-Inclides transmitter module thst must be "hard wired" to motocycle.

-Module may be paired to support 2 helmets.

-Includes installation guide and user manual.

In 1986 CHMSLs(Center High Mounted Stop Lamps) became mandatory on all passenger cars because the high-mounted light made the vehicle more visible to following drivers and reduced colisions. Until now thogh, motorcyclists have had to make do with a tail light mounted low on the bike's fender, even though studies have shown that increasing conspicuity markedly increases motorcycle awareness by other drivers and reduces accidents. With the introduction of the MotoGlo Helmet Safety Light, now motocyclists can also greatly improve their visibility with a high-mounted light, because Whistler designed the MotoGlo exclusively with rider safety in mind. The MotoGlo is a sleek, low profile receiver that attaches to any3/4 or full face helmet. Installation is easy with provided 3M adhesive strips, and no permanent modifications to the helmet are riquired. 8 super bright LEDs provide illumination, indicating to following motorists not just when you're braking, but also signals and running lights as well, for a safety factor improvement you won't want to be without. The brake lights pulse twice and then are on steady when the brakes are applied; the turn signals flash in amber; and the running lights can be turned off, set to remain on steady, or made to flash constantly. The MotoGlo is completely wireless, powered by a self-contained rechargeable battery and controlled by the included transmitter module, which must be "hard-wired" to the motorcycle. The battery provides 12 hours of use on a single charge, and only takes 1 hour to recharge using the included USB cable. The module can be paired with MotoGlo units on 2 helmets, so you can use 2 helmets with one transmitter module. And if you have MotoGlo lights on rider's and passenger helmets, the rider's helmet can be turned off so it doesn't shine in the passenger's face. The transmitter module is a compact 1.8"x1.7"x0.7", enabling it to be easily mounted on any bike, and detailed installation and user instructions are included.



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